Hybrid meeting - 3rd Saturday of the Month

starts at 9:45am for Socials

10am for Speaker Presentation, Q and A follows

Registration required.



A Hybrid meeting presentation of GREG RAGER

Venue: South Coast Botanical Garden - Hall

Time: 9:45am to 11:30am

Speaker: GREG RAGER - avid fruit diversity gardener, adjunt college professor and wine producer

Learn about some of the options, care and harvest dates for PERSIMMON.

Register here to attend either in zoom or in person. Registration is strictly required.

No plant auction in this meeting due to the Tree Dedication afterwards.

**TREE DEDICATION for ROSE MLYNEK - right after the meeting

Time: around 12 noon

Venue: Fruit Plot (north side) of the South Coast Botanic Garden

***For those who want to show their respect, please register here. ***

Limited to 20 people only.

June 18 - Garden Tour @ Hawthorne

No Zoom Meeting. In Person Only. LIMITED TO 20 PEOPLE.

Registration strictly required. Carpooling encouraged.

Time: 9:45am to 11:30am

Venue: Denise Mankewitz’s Garden


Being intentional and mindful of the earth and the ocean, YOU can start in your garden with a swale, rain barrels, and the proper design to create a natural cycle.

Our garden owner and speaker will share about how she learned about rain gardens via volunteering for the Surfrider Foundation, and how she created it in her own gardens. Her garden is considered as a showcase of her passion. One could find solace and awe as you enter this garden. Everything has its place of beauty and it is well designed that you feel that you have entered another portal of greenery.

Speaker: Denise Mankewitz - Horticulturist, Garden Designer and Business owner of South Bay Curb Appeal

JUNE 25 - Tour at Audely’s Garden

Open to members and non members.

Time: 9:45am – 11:30am

Venue: South Torrance

Let the sunshine in and enjoy this beautiful and spacious garden of fruit trees and plants in a terraced backyard here at South Torrance.

We encourage everyone to bring a refreshment to share with our fellow fruit growers. Coffee and juice will be served.

July - Garden Tour at Marie Hofman’s Garden

Open to members and non members

Time: 9:45am – 11:30am

A well-planned garden of pollinators and fruit plants harmoniously intergrated together.

Contact Us

Do you know a friend or a colleague who is passionate with their fruit trees/plants?

If you do, please email us at south_bay@crfg.org, we would love to hear their passion!

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