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June 19 - Preserving Historically and Culturally Important Fruits

SPEAKER: Ben Kotnik is the owner of Kotnik Farms near Grass Valley, CA, an independent ecology consultant, a former Chairman of the CRFG San Diego chapter, and former Instructor at Cuyamaca College.

Come learn how to preserve the genetic diversity of exceptional tasting and culturally important fruits. Join Ben Kotnik as he highlights several preservation projects he has worked on to save one-of-a-kind collections of apples, cherimoyas, white sapotes, and more. Participants will learn actionable information to guide preservation and propagation efforts and enjoy a more diverse set of fruits to choose from for now and the future.

July 17 - Open Forum


Let’s bring our expertise, suggestions, best practices, experience and recommendation to the community questions and concern about garden and plants. Seasoned and new gardeners are all invited.

August 21 - Backyard Orchard Culture and New Varieties that work well for the Home Gardener.

Speakers: Tom Burchell - President and Ed Laivo - Sales and Marketing Manager of Burchell Nursery in Oakdale, CA.

Visit this website: Burchell Nursery

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